Today, China Travel News published an article titled "The application of blockchain to bring new horizons to holiday tourism". It is mentioned that the application of blockchain technology can bring at least three major changes: one is to solve the problem of holiday traffic congestion; the other is to reduce tourists. Travel costs and risks; the third is to eliminate temporary price increases and smuggling.

It is true that every visitor to a festival will face sudden price increases, transportation costs are rising, food costs are rising, hotel expenses are rising, and more people are discouraged on holiday travel.

With the landing of the blockchain, the tourism industry has also received a certain impact.

So what are the pain points of the tourism industry that can be solved by blockchain technology?

Reduce the phenomenon that middlemen earn high spreads

Our current form of travel is organized by online booking, and there are a large number of online travel platforms.

The online travel platform connects the accommodation providers and consumers. When the intermediary power is too large and the pricing power is mastered, it will become a strong intermediary, which will lead to incomplete competition and monopoly of the industry.

The emergence of strong intermediaries will also lead to the unequal relationship between the online travel platform and the hotel's homestay. The hotel owner needs to pay a higher commission to the online travel platform, and the high commission will be passed on to the consumers, resulting in high booking fees.

The decentralization of the blockchain can reduce the commission difference, and the use of smart contracts can reduce the implementation of supervision and management of a large number of platform employees in traditional travel service scenarios, reducing the use of manpower, and thus Reduce travel prices. The reason why the traditional travel online platform is expensive is because their expenditure is very high, and the balance is balanced by raising the price.

Using consumer points to change the way sales products are sold

Traditional tourism products have certain rigidness in sales, and some may even be strong buy and sell. Currently, there is a “Dubai Points” project, with blockchain as the underlying technology and gamification. Help visitors discover new attractions and guide visitors through the route. Dubai Points will encourage visitors to choose their attractions according to their preferences and redeem them according to their ratings.

At the same time, another use of blockchain technology to support the loyalty program encourages loyal members to use the "small amount exchange" method to make small purchase transactions through points, which not only satisfies the tourists' desire to purchase, but also enables the airline's auxiliary purchase range. It has become easier.

Prevent fraud and prevent temporary price increase

Every holiday trip, there will be problems such as temporary price hikes, bullying and so on. Some travel societies will buy reviews to make false reviews, which will cause tourists to turn to these businesses that lack integrity, and those who are really good. It is the coldness of the door.

Blockchain technology can create a new service system, increase transparency, and record all relevant travels in the chain, including all the information of the merchants, including travel routes, etc., by creating a distributed database that cannot be tampered with to make those attempts to hide the real Merchants who make fictional facts have nowhere to hide.

At the same time, the credit system established by the blockchain can avoid the phenomenon that tourists are swayed by local people and purchase goods at high prices.

Although the blockchain technology we envision can subvert the traditional tourism industry, Xiaobian believes that it will definitely become what we want in the future, but for now, it takes a certain amount of time for these ideas to fall.

The first point is that in terms of security, if the blockchain is initially recorded incorrectly or has loopholes, subsequent problems are difficult to resolve. One of the most difficult points to control in the tourist blockchain is the accuracy and authenticity of the information and the fact that it is difficult for tourists to judge the true and false of the information and its value.

The second point is that in terms of legal supervision, the blockchain market is not using technology to solve real problems. Most of them are all about spending money, which makes it difficult for the blockchain technology to develop healthily. This requires the government to vigorously introduce relevant laws. Accelerate the legal compliance of blockchains in the case of scientific regulation.

When the blockchain + tourism really landed, Xiao Bian believes that tourism will usher in a subversive change.