In the future, in TRCB's landing service matrix DAPP, the social section will be an important cut-in port for the project. The content module is the core foundation of the social section, including various images, videos, and texts generated by the creators, as well as interactive methods such as live broadcasts, match quiz, and fan voting. TRCB will adopt a streaming media presentation similar to today's headlines, and recommend relevant personalized content based on the behavior of consumer nodes. Users can also choose to focus on specific content according to their preferences. Travel media can publish industry information. People can post activities and equipment assessments, and users can post Raiders travel notes. TRCB also offers a variety of interactive methods, including but not limited to reviews, likes, favorites, rewards, live broadcasts, and more. TRCB will also support VR hardware access, allowing users to feel the visual impact of panoramic content without leaving home. The spreadability of the content itself also brings convenience to users, and more quality content helps to activate more potential user groups.

2、International Travel and Online Travel Booking System

TRCB will not only develop more exclusive international travel routes, but also develop exclusive international travel products and online ticket and hotel reservation systems.Users can use the TRCB Pass to choose to book sports categories such as skiing. According to the user's needs and the logic of the conversion funnel, the tourism products are divided into three levels: experience activities, training and learning, and travel routes. The experience activities are mainly aimed at the primary users, and the participation threshold is greatly reduced from multiple dimensions such as price, distance of the venue, and supporting services. The main purpose is to cultivate consumer interest. The training is mainly aimed at users who are interested in a certain sport through the experience. Users can get the corresponding skills to achieve a better experience in a better venue. The tourist route is mainly for middle and senior users, providing them with a full range of products covering the world. At the same time, TRCB also provides tourism equipment, air tickets, hotels and other tourism products. TRCB welcomes more creators to join the ecological chain to provide consumers with more quality products and services.


The TRCB Traveler Ecology Chain will design and develop eco-small games for TRCB users based on feedback from social product users, such as developing a decentralized game quiz game.Encourage users to participate in the ecological construction of TRCB on a daily basis, in order to create a high-quality experience for users to have fun, peace of mind and comfort.

4、High-end medical

With the development of society, high-end medical care has become a new point of growth in the tourism industry in recent years. Users can download DAPP for high-end medical services, use TRCB priority experience service, have discounts, no need to queue, save time, strength, and enjoy a true one-stop high quality service.

5、TRCB ecological related financial application

In addition to the above several ecological plans, TRCB also plans to launch an ecological application with financial attributes. This application covers financial services such as insurance, lending, and wealth management. Users can use TRCB to purchase insurance, borrow money, and purchase wealth management products related to the tourism industry.