The eco-chain TRCB Chain based on blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, time series data, collective maintenance, programmable and secure, and is suitable for solving problems such as centralized, tamperable, opaque, and unreliable data.

1. User privacy protection mechanism

Based on the cryptographic principle of RSA asymmetric encryption, the user will obtain a unique public key (ID address) and set the corresponding private key. For example, when purchasing a diving course, the user purchases the product through the private key signature payment fee, and the service provider identifies the service object through the user's public key and establishes a contact, and the user does not need to provide the identity information when completing the service, and only needs to use the private key to the product again. Sign to verify your identity.

2. Identity authentication and asset protection

The user's assets include the TRCB held by the user, the products purchased by the user, the content generated by the user, etc. These assets can be verified, traced, and confirmed by the TRCB Chain no matter how they flow.

3. Open and equal trust mechanism

All the subjects in the TRCB industry ecological chain will join the chain as an independent node, and the nodes and nodes have the same equal rights. Since the identity of a node is unique and verifiable, any behavior of any node on the chain is recorded and fully exposed, and any node can query the behavior of a node and then trust the node. contract

Creators within the TRCB ecosystem can use smart contracts to create licenses for their own product services; any node can use smart contracts to create an unforgeable transaction, and transactions do not require third-party credit guarantees; smart contracts can guarantee the truth of the transaction Sexuality and the rights of both parties to the transaction, the entire transaction process will be automatically executed according to the trading conditions.